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    Waytation offers an award-winning IoT solution. The first seamless tracking solution to capture and analyze visitor movements and behaviour at events. Starting from the entire event area, down to session halls, booths and even individually selected hot spots. Furthermore, our data analysis provides a comprehensive overview of dwell times, entries, re-entries, visitor flows, and many other key performance indicators. Visitors receive their personal journey including all their onsite activities. Additionally, they can rate and contact exhibitors during and after the event (if so wanted).

    Make visitor experience unforgettable and innovative. Focus on data analytics and make data-based decisions. 

    Major Benefits:|
    No more scanning of visitors – no further user interaction necessary
    Plug-and-Play Hardware – easy and fast setup
    No need for electricity, scanners, RFID or WiFI
    Personalized analysis for the organizer
    Profitable resale to your exhibitors
    Journey for visitors

    By using our IoT sensors, distributed invisibly throughout the location, all visitors wearing a WayTag will be tracked via Bluetooth technology. We bring exhibitors and visitors closer together. Our tracking solution has been successfully implemented and used at the ECR, ESCRS and HNM amongst many other events. 

    We would like to show you the possibilities of our service!

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    Christian Obwegeser

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